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Magic Bullets


by Keith Jahans


Rev. Stephen R. Wilson


“Magic Bullets” by Keith Jahans is a very enjoyable, fast read. It’s like a piece of pulp fiction meets a romance. It starts out with an action sequence, and then flashes back to give you the back story of a growing love relationship. I found it delightful for the realism of the characters and the well-written conversations.

     The author’s font choice adds to the uniqueness of the book. It’s easy to read, but different enough that it gives the book a distinctive feeling, as if you’re reading a manuscript. Again, the idea of pulp fiction comes to mind.

     Overall, it’s an incredibly interesting read. I almost read the entire novel in one sitting. I was never sure where it was going. It’s a great choice for anyone who’s into mysteries. I won’t give too much away, but the book does keep you on edge waiting to hear more about what’s really happening.





Magic Bullets is a fascinating read about crime thriller specifically in the medical department. The story shows that a researcher's life could be a difficult one with little pay, threat of stealing of work, and also conspiracy in the personal life. It makes life dangerous and untrustworthy. Adam the protagonist had lived a difficult life as a growing up person. He was an orphan who spent much of his time in foster homes and orphanages, yet, his brilliant academic skills sees him working as a researcher and getting the most beautiful girl on the campus as his girlfriend. He is working on something big and his girlfriend is assisting him in the research, but, unfortunately she falls for another guy and takes away the formula with her- making this new guy rich and successful. Adam, although embittered continues with life, only to be thrust into another relationship, job, scope of big money and unfathomable dangers which could destroy him as a person.

     I found the story fascinating from the start, although not from the first scene. The tale develops like a love story when Adam finds a beautiful girl knocking at his door seeking help. Sandy was my favorite character. She was beautiful, rebellious, bold, and possessed a strong and musical voice. The flow of the story is natural and filled with lengthy dialogues. I liked the author's subtle messages in humanity which are placed throughout the book. The author endorses non-violence, is in favor of showing his protest in numbers, displays restrains through his protagonists and also discusses the government's policies on arms and weapons. On the whole loved the book- even the darker parts.



Jimmy ray


Magic Bullets is a fast paced thriller stacked with mystery and intense intrigue. Our main charachter Adam knight is a microbiologist who discovers that a new antibiotic he developed causing cancer in the people taking it. At the same time, he falls for a beautiful lady who happens to be the daughter of a pharmaceutical giant who wants the rights to the deadly antibiotic. Hunter by killers and on the move, will Adam es cape death and find love or be destined to death or worse. Great characters and scene description. A definite read for anyone who likes action and mystery.



Rebecca A


First things first: the story between Adam and Sandy was amazing. The author does an amazing job of developing the characters to the point where you become emotionally attached to each of them and their relationship together. It seemed as though I never wanted any harm to come to them at any point. The idea of there being a medicinal cure that we do not have in real life is always very interesting to me. I like to see how the world plays out and what type of decisions people think humanity will make. I will have to admit this story made me very emotional toward the end. This book was good and left me thinking far after I was done with it. A recommendable book.



Amazon Customer


Finished the story the plot had sufficient twists and turns to keep me interested It was realistic and fun to read




Victim of Compromise


by Luke Johnson



Grady Harp


British author Luke Johnson (a penname of Keith Jahans) formed Peatmore Press as an on-line magazine in 1996 to publish and promote his writing. In 2008 he left his microbiology job at Defra’s Veterinary Laboratories Agency and established Peatmore Press as a Limited Company the following year. He has published several books - novels and non-fiction – and VICTIM OF COMPROMISE introduces his fiction to the ebook readers in the US. He lives in Woking, England.

     Luke understands the impact that initiating a thriller with a description of a dastardly deed creates in the reader’s perception. Thus he open page on with - ‘The naked body of a young woman lay face down on the double bed like a discarded doll, a toweling cord wrapped tightly around her neck. "Dressing gown cord," explained Donovan. "The 'otel supplies gowns for their guests. The room's been checked and photographed. Mr. Wallace said everything should be left as it was found till you arrived. The doctor's been and gone, and Forensic are waiting to move in when you've finished." Ray had no idea why he had been summoned. He had only received news of his promotion a month ago and was due to take up his new post in the Serious Crime Squad in two weeks. The previous night he'd been out with the lads from the Flying Squad celebrating his promotion. The evening had started well, then some bastard had put something in his drink. Now his head was pounding and his tongue felt like an old dishrag. He had no track record of leading a murder inquiry. However, investigating a suspicious death was part and parcel of police work, and he'd seen far too many corpses in his career - more than he cared to remember. At least this one was relatively fresh and thankfully there was no blood. "When was she found?" he asked "About nine o'clock this morning, by the cleaning maid."

     And so we are off and running on a crime thriller . The synopsis provides an adequate outline for the story – ‘A killer at large – and for the victim there is no escape. It is 1995 and southern England is sweltering in a heat wave. Before he can take up his post in the Serious Crime Squad as a newly promoted Detective Chief Inspector, Ray King is summoned to investigate a murder. The victim is a young woman who is a private detective and former police officer in a suburban town where the local dignitaries have something to hide. The body count rises and, when it appears the case has been resolved, the killings begin again. The novel is a fast-moving account of crime and sexual entanglement that ensnares detectives and suspects in a web of deception.’

     Luke Johnson keeps pace with the development of the crime story with a fine balance between events and perception of events as well as the effect the crime has on both the immediate collection of investigators and the progression of the sordid events that follow. Think Alfred Hitchcock. Solid writing here.



Michelle Williams


Found “Victim of Compromise” an easy, relaxing read that pulled on your curiosity as to who committed the crimes. Our main investigator – Raymond King – shows himself to be very smart and swift in handling this investigation that has many twists and turns. The story keeps you engaged right up to the very last sentence of this novel and readers will find it to be very satisfying.





Victim of Compromise by Luke Johnson gets off to a fortuitous start when the dead body of a young woman is found in a hotel. Such is the opening scene that starts off this British mystery. A solidly written story right from the start, Johnson does a commendable job of describing the somewhat bumbling yet kind of competent lead detective in Ray, the man in charge. With a killer on the loose, time is of the essence and Ray is on the job to find the killer. Effectively written to convey the many roadblocks that are present in an investigation, and with deft character development, Johnson is an efficient and lucid mystery writer. With a fast moving plot, scintillating murders and sexual complications, this novel will keep the reader engaged until the satisfying ending.



Capital Partners 30 LLC


A crazy story. Read it!



Gifford's Games


by Jack Lindsey




Very good! Definitely much different than what I was originally expecting (I suppose I went into this book thinking it was more of a serious, hardline thriller type of read) but either way, I'm left more than impressed.

     I think what makes this book stand out the most, for me personally, is its pure originality and uniqueness. The plot is very creative and unlike anything I’ve read in the past. As well as this, the writing style of an absolute top quality – it’s vivid, detail-rich, and carries with it a fast-paced, page-turner type undertone. I was also glad to find that much of the book is written with quiet a lighthearted and upbeat vibe. The author has a clever sense of humor which is evident in many scenes throughout the book and even though I rarely find myself laughing out loud while reading, I couldn’t help but find myself doing so in some of the wackier, bizarre scenes. In summary, I enjoyed the read and I wholeheartedly recommend it to others





When I first decided to download this book, I was expecting it to be heavy on the computer jargon. Instead I found a happy surprise with this new adventure from Jack Lindsay. Guy Gifford has created a new computer game where the object is to steal five billion pounds from the Bank of England and of course, get away with it. But the prototype has authorities convinced that Guy has actually pulled this off and now they are hot on his tail across lovely England and through Wales. Luckily, Guy has some company in the shape of a beautiful hacker named Spike (I like it—it sounds tough!). Now the object of this new, real-life game is for Guy to convince the police that he did not steal anything before they catch up with him.

     This is a fast, fun read, filled with humor and unexpected twists. The dialogue is rich and natural, the descriptions are vivid — I especially appreciate the English setting — and the characters are relatable and fun. The plot itself it quite original and easy to follow. I was expecting something a little more serious, but this was a terrific surprise. The humor is witty and smart and often downright hilarious! This is a great book for the techno-nerds out there, but also for fans of fun cross-country capers. Very enjoyable!



Kerrie Gilmore


Gifford’s Games by Jack Lindsay is a fantastic read! It’s action packed and full of humor. There is something about this book that makes it really easy for me to imagine it as a movie. I would definitely buy a ticket to watch it. Nonstop action!

     The plot of this book fits well into today’s society. The main character, Guy, creates a computer game, where you have to steal money out of the world’s largest banks. The game is so ingenious that the authorities actually believe it’s real, and are after him for a crime he didn’t really commit. Now he must get through many obstacles in order to clear his name.

     I could not put this book down. It was a very fast read and I loved every minute of it. Tons of twists and turns. Guy is a very interesting character, but Spike is my favorite. She’s beautiful, smart and quirky.



H. Taylor


Giffords Game, is a very funny read. This was my first taste for Jack Lindsey and I wasn't disappointed I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn't put it down.

     The book follows Guy Gifford who has created a new computer game that has caused big trouble for him. The player of the game has to steal five billion pounds from the Bank of England and then escape. There's a downside though the investigator's think the money's already gone and Guy was the perpetrator but that's the catch he hasn't, it's still in the bank. With the police hot on his tail he takes off on a mad dash across the UK and Wales with a very gorgeous computer hacker by his side who goes by the name Spike. Guy just has to have the hope to be able to prove his innocence before those who are after him catch up and he ends up doing time for something he's not done.

     Although based around a video game it's not all about that, there's a lot of other things thrown into the mix such as a good old romance. I really enjoyed this and hope there's more to come.



Cogrill's Mill


by Jack Lindsey




Donna E. Bedrick, Word Museum Reviews


Treachery, adventure, manipulation, plus an up-and-down again romance makes "Cogrill's Mill" a real treat to read. Author, Jack Lindsey has penned an enjoyable tale of murder and mayhem in a scenic English countryside and is well worth the look.



Heather Froeschl,


The author has a knack for characterization and "Cogrill's Mill" is definitely full of characters. Readers will enjoy the story and will soon be hankering for a glass of Cogrill's cider.



Linda L.,


Mr. Lindsey depicts believable characters and a setting so authentic, the pages come alive with the mill, the smell of delicious cider and the beautiful landscape. This is an incredible story that is really remarkable.



Merry a Vero Beach, FL Reviewer


All I can say is WOW! Once you begin this book, you just can't put it down!

     An extremely enjoyable fast pace read that grabs you from the first page and hangs on until you finally finish! George Cogrill is living off an inheritance from his father of both money and property; the property being an old grist mill and a cottage where he lives on a beautiful piece of property by his eccentric dowager aunt, Lady Jane who lives in Gleefield Manor with Winchester her dog, a black Labrador. It is his 30th birthday and his Aunt Jane has summoned him to the manor. With some trepidation, since she always seemed put out by him, he goes up to the manor. His aunt tells him there is a hitch to the inheritance he received from his now dead crooked father. Seems his father swindled his partner in business and built his fortune off of that. The hitch is that by the age of 30, George was to have made something of himself instead of just living off the inheritance and doing nothing. Since he hasn't, his Aunt tells him he has to give half his entire inheritance money and property to his father's partner in repayment for his being swindled. When he finds the only living relative is his photographer daughter, Victoria, all things begin to go crazy. This books takes you to villains, Hollywood, Romance, murder and so much more! You just can't put this book down, every chapter is a new incident! I received and ARC from the author, but the opinions expressed here are strictly my own!



J M Portman


Cogrill's Mill by Jack Lindsey is an interesting and exciting read. This story follows George Cogrill and his attempts to keep his mill despite all the forces working against him. We also follow Victoria Gloam, a photographer, who inherits half of Cogrill's property. The product description gives us an insight into the creativeness and quirky way this author works. ' Beautiful women, scheming villains, a dog that inherits a fortune and a cat that does not exist, all combine to ensure that his life will never be the same again.' certainly doesn't sound like a normal book description and this isn't a normal book, it's a work of art with fantastic characters, a well-developed plot and a wonderful flow, five stars for sure!





I really enjoyed this story about George Cogrill and his inheritance. I thought Jack Lindsey did a spectacular job with character definition. Aunt Jane was such an interesting character. She was very strong and fierce and I liked how she was an aristocrat who rode a motorcycle. I found those little character twists very interesting. Making George give half of his inheritance away was a bit of a moral dilemma that I'm not sure if I agreed with or not. On one hand, it was right to have him be motivated to do something different with his life, but on the other hand he was happy in his existence doing the simple things in life. Victoria was inspirational in her own way and pushed George into doing things he never would've dreamed of doing before. I really enjoyed the book and thought the concept of the story was quite interesting. And really I do think Aunt Jane had George's best interests at heart!



Renu G,


Cogrill’s Mill is a countryside story authored by Jack Lindsey. Written in 248 pages, it is very readable and entertaining. The book wouldn’t let me go until I finished it.
     Its central character is George Cogrill, a young bachelor who enjoys gardening, making cider from apples of his own orchard, and fishing in the river. Aunt Jane is the executor of his father’s will. She wants him to start working and get married if he does not want to forego the Cogrill Water Mill and cottage. She compels him to give away half of his inheritance to Vicky Gloam, the daughter of his father’s business partner. She is a photographer who turns into a model and Hollywood film actress. George and Vicky fall in love with each other. They experience ups and downs in their relationship. George has enemies who try to harm him and take over his estate. The story develops gradually and becomes humorous when Aunt Jane leaves her estate to Winchester, her black dog. The village becomes a setting for crimes.
     Lindsey writes in simple language making reading delightful. He includes dialogues in countryside English. Overall, the author has woven a beautiful story, and most of the characters are very friendly. George and Vicky mature with time and experience. The story begins at a slow pace and picks up speed until it approaches the end. Some of the dialogues brought tears to my eyes because I was really drawn into the story. The scenes came alive to the extent that I could smell “Cogrill’s Old Mill Cider” throughout the reading. It was “a commodity greatly sought after … Once a bottle came into a villager’s hands, it was treasured and only opened for special occasions.”
     The setting for every scene in Cogrill’s Mill is described in detail and easy to understand. There is always some element of mystery because you cannot predict how a character will react, who will appear and what will happen in the next scene. I like George’s personality the most. He is a rich yet humble man. He is an artist at heart whose creativity and freedom are curtailed by Aunt Jane. I dislike her snobbish and bizarre behavior.
     I am happy to award this book 4 out of 4 stars. It seems to have been professionally edited, and I did not find a single grammatical error. It is suitable for adults of all age groups. Youth will learn a lot from the characters, especially if they need to discover their own talents. I think it could make a good movie.


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