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Woking Writers' Circle

 This writers circle is aimed at encouraging and supporting local writers based in the town of Woking, Surrey, UK. 


Winchester Writers Festival    - Valuable forum for meeting writers, agents and publishers



Get Free Classic Ebooks from  Project Gutenberg


Books from Two Recommended Independent Publishers:




Click here to download adobe reader for free   - If you have not got the software and wish to read e-book pdf files.


     Kevin Smith - Broad thoughts from home  -  Ex Woking writer living and blogging in Cornwall

Heart of Surrey  - Interesting blog highlighting local issues affecting Woking


Dave James Books  - Author, teacher, writer and book reviewer.  Highly recommended reading.


Jogena's  - eBook and eZine Directories - Get Listed Today!


Wisdom ebooks - A comprehensive directory of ebooks



Webmasters-central.com::Webmaster resource directory



Writer's News & Writing Magazine


A magazine offering a wide range of services for writers.


Submit Articles and Links at LinkSnoop.com



Author Insider Free marketing articles to help make your book a success



eLibrary - Open Ebooks Directory



Author Network - www.author-network.com - resources for writers.


Internet Authors Network

A collection of resources intended to help authors who have published on the Internet 
or who have self-published to promote their books.

Zepti - web search engine


Jane Dorner
A writer, editor and speaker providing useful links for writers
especially those interested in electronic publishing.f

Audiobook downloads  
Download a whole new world of entertainment

Ultra Hal Text to Speech Reader

You can listen to your text messages and e-books read to you by Halreader. 
Download the software for free. 

The story of a woman's horseback trip across New Zealand.

Anne Brooke

Novelist, short story writer and poet. Highly recommended reading.

Goldenford Publishers

Goldenford is a group of authors working co-operatively.
They publish original work that the directors - all writers themselves - 
consider to be both enjoyable and marketable.

Pub Med

Links to publications for microbiologists

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