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The Alliance of Independent Authors - Author Member

Watford Writers

 A writers group to inspire and encourage all writers

Woking Writers' Circle

 This writers circle is aimed at encouraging and supporting local writers based in the town of Woking, Surrey, UK. 


Creative Jobs for English Majors


Book Marketing & Selling Tips for Authors


Winchester Writers Festival    - Valuable forum for meeting writers, agents and publishers



Get Free Classic Ebooks from  Project Gutenberg



Click here to download adobe reader for free   - If you have not got the software and wish to read e-book pdf files.


     Kevin Smith - Broad thoughts from home  -  Ex Woking writer living and blogging in Cornwall

Jogena's  - eBook and eZine Directories - Get Listed Today!


Wisdom ebooks - A comprehensive directory of ebooks



Writers Online - Helping you become a better writer



eLibrary - Open Ebooks Directory



Author Network - www.author-network.com - resources for writers.


Internet Authors Network


A collection of resources intended to help authors who have published on the Internet
or who have self-published to promote their books.


Jane Dorner


A writer, editor and speaker providing useful links for writers
especially those interested in electronic publishing.



Audiobook downloads


Download a whole new world of entertainment


Ultra Hal Text to Speech Reader


You can listen to your text messages and e-books read to you by Halreader.
Download the software for free.




The story of a woman's horseback trip across New Zealand.



Anne Brooke


Novelist, short story writer and poet. Highly recommended reading.



Goldenford Publishers


Goldenford is a group of authors working co-operatively.
They publish original work that the directors - all writers themselves -
consider to be both enjoyable and marketable.




Pub Med


Links to publications for microbiologists


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