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Bike Travelling Man



by Keith Jahans



Kindle Ebook Format: ISBN 978-0-9926775-9-6





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A Life with two motorcycles





My First Bike

 Motorcycle Touring.

 My First Trip Abroad.

German Journey.





Author's Late Father on Honda 125

Camping St Jorge

Bike and Tent at Camping St Jorge

Bike and Baggage at Camping St Jorge

 Bike on Pyrenees

Honda 400 Dream

Tent and Bike on campsite near Calais

Laon Cathedral

Bike outside German sex shop

House with Windmill

Castle in the sky


Rogg Campsite

Bike and Tent on Rogg Campsite

Bike next to Mike’s Corvette outside Patch Barracks

American Football at Patch Barracks

Munich Beer Festival Procession 1

Munich Beer Festival Procession 2

Munich Beer Festival Procession 3

Inside Beer Hall

Author inside Beer Hall




The unexpected popularity of my bike travelogue ebook, ¨American Road¨, has prompted me to search through my old journals and photographs for earlier tales of my motorcycle adventures.  I managed to find an account written about a trip I took to the Munich Beer Festival in 1980.  This has been supplemented by my memory of that event and enhanced by my motorcycling activities before and after that time.  Alas, most of the later experiences have had to rely largely on my memory, but I am grateful for the fact that I always took a camera with me.  The resulting photographs have been invaluable in reawakening my memories of those travels.  I hope the narrative I present here will provide as much entertainment for my readers as the previous ebook seems to have done.

 Keith Jahans, December 2014.




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